I guess it’s only fair that, since I did a photo shoot with Maya the other weekend, that I do the same for my eldest daughter, Charlie.  A few locations were thrown around but we finally decided on Hog’s Back.  Brought back many memories of me going there with my parents when I was her age.  We got a few shots in before her allergies set in and we had to leave…but not before enjoying an ice cream treat at the canteen!!

Charlie Photoshoot Hogs Back 2017-3Charlie Photoshoot 2017-3Charlie Photoshoot Hogs Back 2017Charlie Photoshoot 2017-7Charlie Photoshoot Hogs Back 2017-4Charlie Photoshoot 2017-6Charlie Photoshoot 2017-4Charlie Photoshoot Hogs Back 2017-15Charlie Photoshoot Hogs Back 2017-5Charlie Photoshoot Hogs Back 2017-6Charlie Photoshoot Hogs Back 2017-8

This shot was taken right after she sneezed….

Charlie Photoshoot Hogs Back 2017-13Charlie Photoshoot Hogs Back 2017-9

…and Brigitte Makes Four!

I was so excited to do this Newborn Lifestyle Shoot, not only because I love newborns, (who doesn’t), but because baby Brigitte has a big brother, Johnathan, who is 2.5 years old!  The other newborn shoots I’ve done had no siblings, so I knew this would be a bit different, and I was looking forward to it.  Needless to say this family was adorable and because Brigitte was their second, they were so much more relaxed, which made for a great photoshoot.  I hope you enjoy this small sample of their gallery.






The Bigney’s!

It was a cold snowy day up at the cottage, but we sucked it up like true Canadians!  This Boxing Day shoot was so much fun!  They didn’t take things too seriously and because of that, I captured their true nature.  I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed taking them!  Happy New Year everyone!


Christmas Eve Shoot

Twas the night before Christmas, and what better way to spend it than with this lovely extended family at the Museum of Nature for a family photo shoot!  They were seriously the most adorable family ~ I had such a blast!  And the kids were troopers, especially since all they wanted really wanted to do was go see the dinosaurs…and really, who could blame them!  🙂


Looking for Grandpa!



Susan, Jan, and the Fam

Way back when, I used to call Susan my boss.  Now I call her my friend, along with her partner Jan, and their beautiful, and very tall, daughter, Rae!  I had so much fun photographing these ladies, along with Jan’s parents, on this gloomy Saturday morning. Their smiles and laughter definitely made up for the lack of sun!

Family Session at Watson’s Mill

The weather was great, albeit windy, for this wonderful family session at Watson’s Mill in Manotick.  Another gorgeous family that I got the pleasure of photographing!  I’m a lucky gal!  🙂