Baby Madelyn

Baby Madelyn had just turned 1 month new the week before she came into the studio.  What a cutie she was, babbling away, happy as can be!  She was such an easy baby to work with, we were able to get some absolutely adorable photos of her.  She did pee on me….but we won’t talk about that!!  ; )  hazards of the job I guess!!

Karli, thank you so much for bringing Baby M in!!  She was such a pleasure.  I hope you and your family will cherish these photos always!

ottawa newborn photography
Baby M (3)Baby M (5)ottawa newborn photographyBaby M (11)ottawa newborn photographyottawa newborn photographyBaby M (18)Baby M (22)ottawa newborn photography


Brenda + Bill

Last month I had the pleasure of working with A Kate By Date, who organized a wonderful outing for Brenda and Bill.  Part of the date was a casual photo session of these two lovebirds!

It was chilly, so there was a lot of cuddling to try and keep warm.  Oh, and the reason for the balloons?  Bill proposed to Brenda in a hot air balloon ride, so we wanted to add that element into the shoot…how cute are these two?

Ottawa PhotographerOttawa PhotographerWEB-15WEB-17WEB-21WEB-24WEB-26WEB-30WEB-32Ottawa PhotographerWEB-37

Baby Ellis

A couple of months ago, I introduced you all to my beautiful Great Nephew Ellisud Jude.  During the Christmas break, I had the pleasure of meeting him again and taking a new set of photos for his family.  Now no longer a newborn, I was able to capture all his amazing expressions, especially since he was wide awake for our session.

I cannot wait to see him again and see how big he’s gotten!

ottawa newborn photographyOttawa newborn photographyOttawa newborn photographyOttawa newborn photographyOttawa newborn photographyOttawa newborn photographyOttawa newborn photographyBaby Ellis-7

Alana, Dionne, Ainsley, & Spencer

Back in April, I donated a family photo session to the “Olivia’s Easter Fundraiser for CHEO” silent auction.  This is an annual event started after Olivia was rushed to the hospital back in 2013, on Easter weekend, with an aggressive strain of Pneumonia.  Luckily, Olivia pulled through!  All proceeds from this wonderful event goes directly to CHEO, and I was honoured to be a part of it.

Alana and Dionne bid on my session and won!  They contacted me wanting some fall family photos done and I was thrilled to do this for them.  We met at THE place to be in Ottawa during the autumn months, The Arboretum (of course), and the fun began!

It was such a pleasure meeting you, Alana, and your adorable family!  I hope to work with you again in the future!

A)WEB_ (2)A)WEB_ (4)A)WEB_ (5)A)WEB_ (6)A)WEB_ (10)A)WEB_ (12)A)WEB_ (13)A)WEB_ (19)A)WEB_ (23)A)WEB_ (25)A)WEB_ (34)A)WEB_ (35)A)WEB_ (39)A)WEB_ (41)A)WEB_ (42)A)WEB_ (45)A)WEB_ (46)

Marcie, Steve, & Ellie

I just love when I have returning clients!  Not only does is it wonderful to know that they love the work I do, but it’s also wonderful to see them again, and to see how much the little ones have grown in a year!  Last year, when I first met this family, Ellie wasn’t walking yet….now she’s running around and talking away!  My how time flies!!

This year, we decided to have their fall photos done at The Arboretum, not only because of the amazing foliage, but also so they can bring along their fur baby, Caycee!  Literally EVERY PHOTO was perfect so it was near impossible for me to narrow down my favourites for this blog.  If I could put every single photo in, I would….

Marcie and Steve, thank you so much for allowing me to spend a lovely hour with you guys again!  Can’t wait until next time!

A) WEB (1)A) WEB (3)A) WEB (5)A) WEB (13)A) WEB (22)A) WEB (23)A) WEB (29)A) WEB (30)A) WEB (32)A) WEB (37)A) WEB (38)A) WEB (39)A) WEB (48)A) WEB (49)A) WEB (55)A) WEB (56)

The O’Neil’s

Have you ever met a family where you can just feel the love….like really FEEL it?  It happened to me when I met the O’Neil’s.

Lisa contacted me wishing to capture some casual family portraits at their home.  When she mentioned that she had four boys, I was a bit worried, to be honest, about how this would go.  My fears were put to rest right away once I met them.  Four beautiful, well behaved boys, who were stellar during the session!  Might I add that although this session was taken at the end of September, it was over 30C outside, with hardly a cloud in sight!  You would never know it from the photos that they were bothered by the heat.  Genuine smiles all around, and some great belly laughs.  This session was such great fun, and I’m honoured that I was able to be there to capture these memories for them.


Julie, Adam, and their boys

There was never a dull moment during this amazingly fun photo shoot with Julie, Adam, and their two boys, Dominique and Damien.  After throwing around a few locations, we decided on Petrie Island, a perfect location for this fun loving family.  The highlight of the shoot came at the end of course when we headed to the beach, when the shoes came off and we played in the water!  A wonderful ending to a wonderful time spent with these guys!  Get ready for cuteness overload!!



I guess it’s only fair that, since I did a photo shoot with Maya the other weekend, that I do the same for my eldest daughter, Charlie.  A few locations were thrown around but we finally decided on Hog’s Back.  Brought back many memories of me going there with my parents when I was her age.  We got a few shots in before her allergies set in and we had to leave…but not before enjoying an ice cream treat at the canteen!!

Charlie Photoshoot Hogs Back 2017-3Charlie Photoshoot 2017-3Charlie Photoshoot Hogs Back 2017Charlie Photoshoot 2017-7Charlie Photoshoot Hogs Back 2017-4Charlie Photoshoot 2017-6Charlie Photoshoot 2017-4Charlie Photoshoot Hogs Back 2017-15Charlie Photoshoot Hogs Back 2017-5Charlie Photoshoot Hogs Back 2017-6Charlie Photoshoot Hogs Back 2017-8

This shot was taken right after she sneezed….

Charlie Photoshoot Hogs Back 2017-13Charlie Photoshoot Hogs Back 2017-9

Julie & Keegan

Rain, lightning, and thunder couldn’t put a damper on this beautiful intimate wedding at The Ramada on the Rideau. In the presence of close friends and family, Julie and Keegan exchanged vows, with their beautiful baby boy watching on.  I want to thank you both so much, from the bottom of my heart, for allowing me to be a part of your special day!


















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Fun in the Snow

This past weekend I went location scouting with my girls and ending up capturing some fun shots in the snow!  A tame photo shoot quickly turned to capturing a friendly snowball fight between sisters.  They had tons of fun, even when Maya got a snowball right to the face!  🙂